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Pre-fill Cartridges have been a steadily growing presence in the legal weed market.
Since the early days of adult legalization. In Colorado and California’s medical industry.
However, cartridges are Originally made with butane hash oil. Made with food glycerins.
Furthermore, the industry has upgrade to more advance extraction techniques.
With cartridges now almost always fill with distillate .
In states like California the contents of cartridges.
Are tested by state labs.
To make sure they are free of any residual pesticides.
Cutting agents, heavy metals, and other contaminants.
Moreover, it is more advantageous to buy from us.
However, The prices we offer, are lesser and affordable.
Those at pharmacies and stores are demanding.
This is because pharmacies do pay bills.
Such as rentals, utilities, and various taxes.
These taxes do reflect on their prices.

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