FlavRx Vape Cartridge

FlavRx Vape Cartridge





Flavrx Vape cartridges are known for their great tasting THC oil. They have now released a new line of potent prefilled cartridges with improved cartridges. This company originates from Los Angeles and currently has a 4.3/5 ratings on weedmaps.com out of 472 reviews. We had mix reactions with the Flavrx vape cartridge review for their black label line. There new attempt at innovating their carts and improving their THC oil was a good try but there is still room for improvement.

FlavRx vape cartridges are packing huge, herbaceous flavors. Despite being a fairly new cannabis company, FlavRx is winning awards and has proven to be outstanding in applying “cutting edge scientific knowledge and cannabis insight in every package.”

FlavRx was voted first place for best vape cartridge at the 2016 Hempcon in San Francisco. They also won first place for best edible with their lemon chocolate bars.

Some of the flavors include Blackberry Kush, Fire OG, Headband, Girls Scout Cookies, Blueberry, Grand daddy purple, Blue Dream.

However, they continue to branch into other states across the U.S. Buy FlavRx cannabis oil vape cartridges Online from Our Online Vape Suppliers Shop today! With that being said, Order from us and get the best .


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